Nightlife | Agua Caliente Springs Limo

The Girl & The Fig


110 W Spain St, Sonoma, CA 95476

The Girl & The Fig is a very popular choice for a French restaurant for San Diego Limos customers in the Agua Caliente Springs area. They've got a wonderful lounge and bar that is just ideal for large party bus groups, and also a nice restaurant area that you'll enjoy when you're there with smaller groups. It's elegant and classy here, just as you'd expect from any good French restaurant, but the prices are quite affordable and the food is really out of this world. The shaved pear salad is one of our top choices on the menu and we've been known to go wild over their croques monsieur as well as their simple grilled cheese! If you're an omelet lover, try the omelette du jour! When we were there, that "of the day" creation included duck confit, goat cheese, potatoes, and artichokes, if you can believe that! Talk about a masterpiece of an omelet. They've even got delicious sirloin burgers that you'll just love sinking your teeth into. We should also mention the wild flounder meuniere and the figcello di sonoma! Oh, we could go on and on! Full bar and outdoor seating too.

Swiss Bar & Restaurant


18 W Spain St, Sonoma, CA 95476

Swiss Bar & Restaurant is definitely a beloved spot for Agua Caliente Springs area San Diego Limos travelers. This is an Italian establishment that features some of the most delectable meals in the area, and you will definitely do well to tell your chauffeur to take you there when you're on the road with us! They really have a wild array of steaks to choose from, and they taste so good alongside the classic French shoestring potatoes. You're also sure to enjoy the steak sandwiches if you're there during lunch and want something a little less fancy. The polenta is just amazing here too. If you're there when the weather is as gorgeous as can be, you'll certainly want to take advantage of their back patio, and maybe even sip a nice glass of wine while you're out there. The wait can be long here depending on when you're there, and when traveling with a party bus group, you'll definitely want to call well in advance. Make those reservations while you can so that you can enjoy the classy and romantic ambiance of this unforgettable restaurant. Very highly recommended to you and yours!

El Dorado Kitchen


405 1st St W, Sonoma, CA 95476

El Dorado Kitchen brings it full circle with a tasteful American dining experience at its very best. If you want upscale, ask to be seated in the main dining area. If you prefer something a little more low key, there's nothing wrong with choosing the bar area instead! This is indeed a Michelin rated restaurant, so you know what kind of quality you are in for. True gourmet at its very finest. The truffle fries are one of the things that we cannot get off our minds, and how about their amazing short ribs? They've got gaspacho that will put all others to shame. And how about the wine list? Oh, you could spend hours just pouring over these selections, no pun intended! The EDK burger is one of the things that they are best known for and they also have some truly mouth watering pizza that blows all others out of the water. There's no TV here and no wi-fi, so nothing to distract you from the amazing meal that you're about to sit down to. There is, however, an outdoor seating area, just in case you want to escape into the beautiful breeze. Lots of room for groups in many different areas of this establishment, making it a perfect party bus choice.